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Install Service Catalog using Helm

Service Catalog is an extension API that enables applications running in Kubernetes clusters to easily use external managed software offerings, such as a datastore service offered by a cloud provider.

It provides a way to list, provision, and bind with external Managed ServicesA software offering maintained by a third-party provider. from Service BrokersAn endpoint for a set of Managed Services offered and maintained by a third-party. without needing detailed knowledge about how those services are created or managed.

Use Helm to install Service Catalog on your Kubernetes cluster. Up to date information on this process can be found at the kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog repo.

Before you begin

Add the service-catalog Helm repository

Once Helm is installed, add the service-catalog Helm repository to your local machine by executing the following command:

helm repo add svc-cat https://svc-catalog-charts.storage.googleapis.com

Check to make sure that it installed successfully by executing the following command:

helm search service-catalog

If the installation was successful, the command should output the following:

svc-cat/catalog 0.0.1   service-catalog API server and controller-manag...

Enable RBAC

Your Kubernetes cluster must have RBAC enabled, which requires your Tiller Pod(s) to have cluster-admin access.

When using Minikube v0.25 or older, you must run Minikube with RBAC explicitly enabled:

minikube start --extra-config=apiserver.Authorization.Mode=RBAC

When using Minikube v0.26+, run:

minikube start

With Minikube v0.26+, do not specify --extra-config. The flag has since been changed to –extra-config=apiserver.authorization-mode and Minikube now uses RBAC by default. Specifying the older flag may cause the start command to hang.

If you are using hack/local-up-cluster.sh, set the AUTHORIZATION_MODE environment variable with the following values:

AUTHORIZATION_MODE=Node,RBAC hack/local-up-cluster.sh -O

By default, helm init installs the Tiller Pod into the kube-system namespace, with Tiller configured to use the default service account.

Note: If you used the --tiller-namespace or --service-account flags when running helm init, the --serviceaccount flag in the following command needs to be adjusted to reference the appropriate namespace and ServiceAccount name.

Configure Tiller to have cluster-admin access:

kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller-cluster-admin \
    --clusterrole=cluster-admin \

Install Service Catalog in your Kubernetes cluster

Install Service Catalog from the root of the Helm repository using the following command:

helm install svc-cat/catalog \
    --name catalog --namespace catalog

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