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Federated Events


Use of Federation v1 is strongly discouraged. Federation V1 never achieved GA status and is no longer under active development. Documentation is for historical purposes only.

For more information, see the intended replacement, Kubernetes Federation v2.

This guide explains how to use events in federation control plane to help in debugging.


This guide assumes that you have a running Kubernetes Cluster Federation installation. If not, then head over to the federation admin guide to learn how to bring up a cluster federation (or have your cluster administrator do this for you). Other tutorials, for example this one by Kelsey Hightower, are also available to help you.

You are also expected to have a basic working knowledge of Kubernetes in general.

View federation events

Events in federation control plane (referred to as “federation events” in this guide) are very similar to the traditional Kubernetes Events providing the same functionality. Federation Events are stored only in federation control plane and are not passed on to the underlying Kubernetes clusters.

Federation controllers create events as they process API resources to surface to the user, the state that they are in. You can get all events from federation apiserver by running:

kubectl --context=federation-cluster get events

The standard kubectl get, update, delete commands will all work.