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Use this page to find the type of solution that best fits your needs.

Deciding where to run Kubernetes depends on what resources you have available and how much flexibility you need. You can run Kubernetes almost anywhere, from your laptop to VMs on a cloud provider to a rack of bare metal servers. You can also set up a fully-managed cluster by running a single command or craft your own customized cluster on your bare metal servers.

Local-machine Solutions

A local-machine solution is an easy way to get started with Kubernetes. You can create and test Kubernetes clusters without worrying about consuming cloud resources and quotas.

You should pick a local solution if you want to:

Pick a local-machine solution.

Hosted Solutions

Hosted solutions are a convenient way to create and maintain Kubernetes clusters. They manage and operate your clusters so you don’t have to.

You should pick a hosted solution if you:

Pick a hosted solution.

Turnkey – Cloud Solutions

These solutions allow you to create Kubernetes clusters with only a few commands and are actively developed and have active community support. They can also be hosted on a range of Cloud IaaS providers, but they offer more freedom and flexibility in exchange for effort.

You should pick a turnkey cloud solution if you:

Pick a turnkey cloud solution

Turnkey – On-Premises Solutions

These solutions allow you to create Kubernetes clusters on your internal, secure, cloud network with only a few commands.

You should pick a on-prem turnkey cloud solution if you:

Pick an on-prem turnkey cloud solution.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions give you the most freedom over your clusters but require the most expertise. These solutions range from bare-metal to cloud providers on different operating systems.

Pick a custom solution.

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