The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes

Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source project with a growing community. We love seeing the ways that our community innovates inside and on top of Kubernetes. Deis is an excellent example of company who understands the strategic impact of strong container orchestration. They contribute directly to the project; in associated subprojects; and, delightfully, with a creative endeavor to help our user community understand more about what Kubernetes is. Want to contribute to Kubernetes? One way is to get involved here and help us with code. But, please don’t consider that the only way to contribute. This little adventure that Deis takes us is an example of how open source isn’t only code. 

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– @sarahnovotny Community Wonk, Kubernetes project.

Guest post is by Beau Vrolyk, CEO of Deis, the open source Kubernetes-native PaaS.

Over at Deis, we’ve been busy building open source tools for Kubernetes. We’re just about to finish up moving our easy-to-use application platform to Kubernetes and couldn’t be happier with the results. In the Kubernetes project we’ve found not only a growing and vibrant community but also a well-architected system, informed by years of experience running containers at scale. 

But that’s not all! As we’ve decomposed, ported, and reborn our PaaS as a Kubernetes citizen; we found a need for tools to help manage all of the ephemera that comes along with building and running Kubernetes-native applications. The result has been open sourced as Helm and we’re excited to see increasing adoption and growing excitement around the project.

There’s fun in the Deis offices too – we like to add some character to our  architecture diagrams and pull requests. This time, literally. Meet Phippy–the intrepid little PHP app–and her journey to Kubernetes. What better way to talk to your parents, friends, and co-workers about this Kubernetes thing you keep going on about, than a little story time. We give to you The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes, conceived of and narrated by our own Matt Butcher and lovingly illustrated by Bailey Beougher. Join the fun on YouTube and tweet @opendeis to win your own copy of the book or a squishy little Phippy of your own.