Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes - July 31 2015

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes - July 31 2015

Every week the Kubernetes contributing community meet virtually over Google Hangouts. We want anyone who’s interested to know what’s discussed in this forum.

Here are the notes from today’s meeting:

  • Private Registry Demo - Muhammed

    • Run docker-registry as an RC/Pod/Service

    • Run a proxy on every node

    • Access as localhost:5000

    • Discussion:

      • Should we back it by GCS or S3 when possible?

      • Run real registry backed by $object_store on each node

      • DNS instead of localhost?

        • disassemble image strings?

        • more like DNS policy?

  • Running Large Clusters - Joe

    • Samsung keen to see large scale O(1000)

      • Starting on AWS
    • RH also interested - test plan needed

    • Plan for next week: discuss working-groups

    • If you are interested in joining conversation on cluster scalability send mail to [joe@0xBEDA.com][4]

  • Resource API Proposal - Clayton

    • New stuff wants more info on resources

    • Proposal for resources API - ask apiserver for info on pods

    • Send feedback to: #11951

    • Discussion on snapshot vs time-series vs aggregates

  • Containerized kubelet - Clayton

    • Open pull

    • Docker mount propagation - RH carries patches

    • Big issues around whole bootstrap of the system

      • dual: boot-docker/system-docker
    • Kube-in-docker is really nice, but maybe not critical

      • Do the small stuff to make progress

      • Keep pressure on docker

  • Web UI (preilly)

    • Where does web UI stand?

      • OK to split it back out

      • Use it as a container image

      • Build image as part of kube release process

      • Vendor it back in? Maybe, maybe not.

    • Will DNS be split out?

      • Probably more tightly integrated, instead
    • Other potential spin-outs:

      • apiserver

      • clients